We work as part of your team taking your organisation to a new stage of maturity through our project, programme and portfolio management (PPP) consultancy services.

Our guarantee is to share the knowledge and experience of our network of consultants by applying internationally accepted best practices.

Our approach typically starts with a maturity assessment based on international standards and the inherent benchmark with organisations from the same sector.

Implementation of Project Management Methodology

All organisations must have a practical and defined approach
to starting, planning, managing, controlling and closing
projects. This approach should be tailored to reflect the size,
complexity, risk and benefit of each initiative.

The success of a project management methodology is driven
by its adoption. We believe that methodologies should not
be imposed, so we work in partnership with our clients,
developing their project. We usually associate to our work
team competence development by creating personalized
training actions as part of a successful adoption.

Project Management maturity assessment

New challenges in uncertain times force organisations to a new paradigm where the sustainability driver is becoming more and more prevalent. To achieve a new organizational vision in projects, programs and portfolios you need to know where you are and where you want to go. Our approach uses the Green Project Management P5 benchmark, the IPMA DELTA model and the IPMA OCB and IPMA PEB standards, combining the international experience of our consultants.

The model provides an integrated vision of the organisation’s strategy, sustainability, projects and professionals, providing practical recommendations on how to implement and improve your organisational performance and the path to change.

Our intervention also allows our clients to prepare applications for the IPMA Global Awards.

Project Start-up and Recovery

The success of project management is largely due to a successful project start-up. We collaborate in the Start-up Workshop involving the team in the path to Success.

Get involved with Pomegranate and one of our Senior Consultants will provide the guidelines in a critical and constructive solutions way.

Implementation and development of the Project Management Office (PMO)

The PMO is at the heart of best practice in project, programme and portfolio management. Often undervalued, the PMO should have a framework of competencies and services that is clear, coupled with a clear value justification.

We work in partnership with you to configure and develop your PMO.

Project Finance

Pomegranate structures operations in Project Finance involving the economic and financial modelling component and supporting the elaboration of studies, proposals and negotiation processes. Support in the analysis of the project/programme feasibility and in the planning of short, medium and long term corporate financing operations.

Claims Management

As part of its consultancy services, Pomegranate supports organisations in the management of claims associated with contracts and expert and audit services that facilitate the successful management and resolution of disputes in projects. We support our clients in the elaboration of claims, investigating claims, auditing, preparing response reports and facilitating the timely resolution of claims.