The importance of Project Management for organisations


The actions planned for the implementation of the strategy often lead to the definition of projects such as: Investment project in a new production unit; Project to implement a new information system; Project to develop a new product; Organic reorganisation project.

The Project Management approach is essential for the correct and effective implementation of the strategy. It is the strategic initiatives that represent the force that sets the organisational body in motion, overcoming inertia and resistance to change. They are the set of discretionary and finite duration projects and programmes, outside the organisation’s day-to-day operational activities, designed to help the organisation achieve the desired performance that enables the strategy to be implemented effectively. On the other hand, and increasingly, the products and services that organisations produce or provide are increasingly an intrinsic part of customers’ Projects and/or are themselves Projects.

Thus, the organisations and teams that are the most competent and able to manage Projects are those that create the most value.

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